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Dott.ssa Alketa Licollari

Experience: 14 Years
E-mail Address: alketalicollari@gmail.com

Phone number: +39 334/3252670




• March 2017 - Today: Consultant Dermatologist - Dermatologist Surgeon at the Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Hospital - London (UK) - Dermatology and Venereology Department, full-time contract. - Director of the research center of the Dermatology department of the same University Hospital. P.I. Principal Investigator - Head of the research of several specialized studies in dermatology, of British national relevance, still in progress. Lead - Head of the Clinic for Biological Drugs at the Department of Dermatology of the Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Hospital - London (UK).

• March 2017 – present day. Consultant Dermatologist for Hemel Hempstead Hospital (NHS), dermatology and venereology department. Consultant contract wich involves a 4 week.

• August 2016 – March 2017. Consultant Dermatologist for Homerton University Hospital (NHS) dermatology and venereology department. Consultant contract which involves a 4 week.

• March 2016 – August 2016. Medical consultant for Northampton general hospital (NHS) dermatology and venereology department. Consultant contract which involves a 3 week on and one week off agreement.

• April 2016 – present day. Specialized consultant for beauty and laser therapy with Grace Belgravia private clinic in the UK.

• February 2015 – March 2016. Medical consultant in the dermatology and venereeology department for Hull Royal Infirmary NHS trust hospital in East Yorkshire.

• February 2015 – Present Day: Department of Dermatology Hull Royal Infirmary Hull and Yorkshire hospitals NHS Yorkshire trust

• February 2009 dermatologist with the hospital of Casale Monferrato. (IT)

• December 2008 – June 2009 Dermatologist with the hospital of Mortara. (IT).

• October 2008 – March 2009. Dermatologist with the hospials in Trino and Vignale. (IT)

• 2007 – 2008 Trainer for the dermatology information and service centre in Pavia. (IT)

• June 2007 Dermatologist with the hospital in Fiorenzuola. (IT)

• 2007 – present day. Medical director of dermatology and laser therapy clinic in Cava Manara. (IT)

• 2007 – 2008 Trainer for the dermatology information and service centre in Pavia. (IT)

• 2006 – 2009 Dermatologist for Sondrio medical centre, medical studio in Pavia and the medical centre in Peschiera Borromeo. (IT)

• 2006 – present day. Medical director of dermatology and laser therapy clinic in Casale Monferrato. (IT)

• 2003 – 2006 On call doctor with the Italian health service for Voghera and surrounding district

• Principal subjects / occupational skills covered: Specialist visits for dermatological and sexually transmitted diseases map in PUVA therapy dermatological surgery.

Aesthetic Medicine: Infiltration of hyaluronic acid, Botox, peels, face and body rejuvenation, Patch test (or epicutaneous test) and Prick test, Treatment of cutaneous mycoses, onychomycosis.

• Specialized in the following: specialized check-ups concerning dermatological and sexually transmitted diseases, mole mapping, mole removal, cyst removal, PUVA therapy, skin tumours, melanoma prevention, surgical removal of melanomas and skin tumours, biopsies to determine the nature of skin lesions and histology exams, skin and nail biopsies, surgical and dermatological therapy.

• Beauty therapies: non-surgical lifting using reabsorbing fillers for biorevitalisation, hyaluronic acid infiltrations botox, skin and face rejuvanisation using hyaluronic acid, polylactic acid, fillers, boyulinum toxins for wrinkle smoothing of the face and hyperhidrosis correction, deep,medium and superficial chemical peeling.

• Qualification awarded: Specialist in Laser Therapy

Experience in the use of:

1- Candela Alexandrite Laser GentleLase Pro 755 nm, used to treat subjects with hypertrichosis or to persons who have hair growth generelized. hair, generalized or localized to a specific region of the body. Used effectively, even in women suffering from hirsutism (phenomenon abnormal hair growth in female persons, in locations where it is normally absent).

2- Ablative laser CO2 and mix-to for skin rejuvenation,Wrinkle treatment,skin marks and blemishes,acne scars and dermatological surgery.

3- Laser KTP 532 for skin rashes,marks and blemishes.

4- Laser Alessandrite for tattoo removal, hair removal and skin blemishes..

5- Laser S800 hp diode laser for hair removal.

6- Carboxytherapy is a technique, widely used in medicine, which consists in the subcutaneous administration of a certain quantity of carbon dioxide in the gaseous state. The disorders that can be treated - or alleviated - through the use of this technique are many and include both real pathologies and various types of imperfections (cellulite, signs of aging, etc.)

7- Radiofrequency in aesthetic medicine is a non-invasive treatment that uses the action of electromagnetic waves to counteract different types of imperfections. More in detail, radiofrequency in aesthetic medicine finds application in the treatment of imperfections of time, skin laxity, stretch marks and even cellulite. Radiofrequency in aesthetic medicine is a highly appreciated technique, as it allows good results to be obtained without the risks associated with cosmetic surgery, such as facelifts, blepharoplasty or liposuction.

Training corse and certificates:

• 34^ Annual Surgery – British Society For Dermatological Surgery. Certificate of Attendance to the Course of "Dermatological disorders C.E.S.R." (Achieved in London (UK) on 11.15.2016).

• Certificate of Participation in the course "First Aid - Level 3 for Adults and Children "A.C.I. (Achieved in London (UK) on 06.23.2016).

• Meeting on "Clinical Pathology" (awarded in London (UK) on 01.19.2017).

• 6th training course for infective skin diseases.

• 4th training course for sexually transmitted diseases and photo-dermatology.

• Certificate in corrective make-up.

• Course of photo-protection and acne – enviornmental factors and new therapeutical approaches.

• Certificate in medical and surgical facial rejuvenation.

• Certificate in the medical and surgical treatment of esthetical imperfections.

• Certificate in skin ulcers – micro and macro angioplasty.

• Advanced course in theoretic and practical corrective and esthetic dermatology.

• Certificate in vascular anomolies.

• 5th National congress involving SICP-SIUP-SIVI “ Angiomas and vascular malformations in infants.

• Certificate of attendance at the 2018 Annual Conference of the British Society for Pediatric Dermatology - BSPD Annual Conference 2018.

• "MD Codes Visionary" Meeting Certificate - Differentiating your experience with an accurate facial diagnosis and MD codes - Allergan Medical Institute 10 May 2019.

• Certificate of participation in the event Progress in allergy, immunology and skin inflammation "Advances in allergy, immunology and skin inflammation" The Royal Society of Medicine London (UK) 12 February 2019.

• Certificate of Participation in the 34th Annual Surgery Seminar issued by the British Society of Surgical Dermatology London (UK).

• Certificate of Training Course in Psychodermatology on 28/09/2019 by Psychodermatology UK Barts Health Annual SpR Training Course of Dr. Anthony Bewley FRCP Consultant Dermatologist

Personal skills: living and working in close contact with my patients has given me the opportunity to develop good relationship skills.

Languages : Italian, English, German.

Relational Appearance: Living and working in constant contact with patients helped me to develop good relationship skills.

Organisation skills: Optimal management of 5 medical clinics with qualified personnel

Other Skills: psychology and psychotherapy

Technical skills: use of specialised equipment: videodermoscope Vidix, laser mixto SX, laser CO2, laser KTP 532, laser alessandrite, velure S5-S9-S800.

Ulterior information: Member of the doctor’s register in London (UK) register number 7465353

Where you can find us: Cava Manara (PV), Casale Monferrato (AL), Tortona (AL), Giussago (PV), Cremona (CR).