Therapies Executable

- Dermatological examinations for all diseases

- Tumori Cutaneous - Diagnosis and Treatment

- Mapping of mole with Dermatoscope

- Melanoma prevention

- Biopsies of skin lesions of nature to be determined by histological examination

- Caduta Hair in both men and women - Diagnosis and Treatment

- Iperidrosi - Sudorazione Excessive Localized and Generalized - Cures

- Patch Test for Allergies by Contact

- Psoriasi - Treatments for Psoriasis Moderate or Severe

- Acne

- Vitiligine

- Eczemi - Types and Cure

- Fototerapia - Therapeutic Method based on the use of equipment capable of artificially reproduce the ultraviolet rays (UVA or UVB), simulating in this way, the action beneficent sun