GentleLase Pro

The Laser CANDLE GENTLELASE PRO, provides excellent results in the elimination unwanted hair, vascular and pigmented lesions. Indicated to treat all skin types in an effective, comfortable and easy thanks to the different sizes of the spots (up to 18 mm) and to its high repetition rate. Thanks to the cooling system DCD integrated, patented by Candela, you get the epidermal cooling by ensuring that the treatment is more comfortable and safe for patients, so such as to be able to use higher fluences for more effective results.

Laser Alessandrite Candela GentleLase Pro

 Laser type Lampade Xenon/Alessandrite
 Wavelength 755 nm
 Pulse >2.0 Hz
 Impulse duration da 3 a 300 ms
 Spot 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm
 Fluency 150J/cm2

The Alexandrite Laser Candela GentleLase Pro allows you to treat your skin effectively and comfortable, reducing the hassle of sensitivity, thanks to the new single system patented DCD cooling Candle, which allows. precisely, to cool the epidermis even after the laser pulse, to provide greater comfort to the patient.

The Alexandrite laser emits a current light beam, of wavelength equal to 755 nm, using the receptor as the melanin of the hair bulb, which carries the root of the hair color, causing the complete acute ischemia of the bulb. THE GentleLase Pro is used in the treatment of numerous imperfections:

•Removal of hairs

•Pigmented lesions: photodamage, age spots, solar lentigo, cafe au spots lait, seborrheic keratoses

•Vascular lesions: hemangiomas and telangiectasia of the face and lower limbs (blue)




The clinical benefits are achieved with more seating and hair removal remains for years. Well point out that in the 4 weeks prior to treatment, it should not make hair removal with waxing and / or tweezers, use the mitt or bleach hairs. Thirty days before treatment should be discontinued all use of creams salicylic acid, glycolic, as well as any suntan lotion in two days before the sitting. The day before treatment, don't use perfumes, exfoliating creams, or alcohol-based toners. In case of antibiotic therapy and / or anti-acne or with photosensitizing medication report it to the doctor. Also we do not expose yourself to the sun, in the month before treatment, nèpraticare sauna or bath Turkish.