Laser CO2-Fractional

Invented in 1964 by Kumar Patel at Bell Labs, the CO2 laser has reached an evolution as to be one of the most used in the medical and industrial field. The wavelength of 10,600nm emitted by Co2 Laser is very useful and practical for surgery due to the water, which is the main constituent of the tissues, absorbs the frequency very well and is vaporized, resulting in an ablative, antibacterial and coagulant effect. These features allow surgery in many fields of medical applications such as Dentistry, laryngology, Urology, Gastroenterology and Plastic Surgery. In the Fractional system, especially designed for Aesthetic Medicine and Gynaecology, new technology has recently been developed with laser sources and new RF hand pieces with special extensions that further enhance the surgery concerning Skin resurfacing depigmentation and vaginal atrophy.