MiXto SX

Slim E30 is the CO2 laser surgery that is described as truly cutting edge; by combining advanced technology with ease of use, allowing the surgeon to always obtain the best effect of coagulation or vaporization of tissue in each application. With its three modes: continuous (CW), pulsed and super - pulsed (Super pulse), Slim E30 is able to provide high power and performance at the highest level that can satisfy every requirement in surgery. Delicate and superficial as the laser ER: YAG in the procedure of skin resurfacing in laser radiation is absorbed by the water present in the cells of the skin causing the instantaneous vaporization or destruction of the cells themselves. The advanced laser technology in the development of computerized scanning devices has allowed us to create a scanner so fast that allows the doctor extremely precise control of the depth of abrasion for the removal of superficial or deep wrinkles.