Velure S5 is the new versatile and effective non-invasive treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions such as telangiectasias of the face and lower limbs, senile angioma, ruby angiomas, superficial haemangioma planes, acne rosacea, spider naevus, freckles, keratosis, dermatitis, etc... Thanks to the high absorption coefficient of the radiation at 532nm by the oxyhemoglobin, Velure S5 is able to perform a real selective photothermolysis on vascular lesions without damaging the structures surrounding capillaries, thus avoiding the creation of the purple effect often unacceptable to patients with aesthetic injuries. Velure S5 is compact, portable and easy to use, can be connected to the power supply domestic and requires no maintenance.

Velure S9 excellence in surgery the high efficiency combined with the minimum, or the absence of thermal damage, which makes Velure S9 ideal for General Surgery, ENT, Thoracic, Gynaecology and Urology surgery. With a single universal hand piece equipped with cannulas variable length rigid or malleable, Velure S9 can meet any request by the operating surgeon considered more demanding. Velure S9 can also be considered the ideal piece of equipment for the treatment of patients with herniated disc problems through a specific procedure (PLDD - Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression), during which a small portion of the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc is vaporized, creating a vacuum which reduces the partial pressure of the disc favouring the return of the disk to its original position. And intravenous treatments With Velure S9 treatments incontinence venous insufficiency of the lower limbs are simple to perform and can also be carried out on an outpatient basis with the aid of a control system for ultrasound. Endovascular procedures performed with Velure S9 do not leave scars, minimizing post-operative pain and the risk of infection.

Velure S800 expresses the highest technology available to achieve the best possible results that are long-lasting and often permanent. Suitable for all skin types, Velure S800 exploits the optimal absorption by melanin chromophore to thermally damage the hair bulb at the same time without creating undesired depigmentation on the epidermis. Velure S800 makes this equilibrium, thanks to ELP® (Extra Long Pulse) that allows you to work with pulses of long duration and therefore be able to give the right energy value for all skin types without sacrificing the safety of the treatment. Fast, effective and safe, Velure S800 is a highly reliable laser for the removal of permanent unwanted hair in all parts of the body. • Fast, non-invasive and painless. • Ability to treat all skin types with ELP® system. • Consumables are not required for treatment. • Compact and lightweight in its elegant suitcase and can be transported comfortably for all transportation needs. ... And for Vascular Lesions of the lower limbs The transparency of the epidermis and at the same time the very good absorption of haemoglobin to the laser radiation emitted by Velure S800, joined to the high power of the system, enable photo sclerosis transdermal deep vascular lesions, without the unwanted purple effect. Velure S800 is therefore also excellent for non-invasive treatment with minimal thermal tissue damage of vascular lesions of the lower limbs.